Everything I do goes wrong

I honestly cannot express how sorry I am to anyone who reads this site. Please, please believe me when I say that I seriously thought that I was at end of road. On friday or saturday night (I can’t remember what days things happened on) I took 50 amitriptyline tablets and a whole blister pack of diazepam, sent out an email to some people I know but wouldn’t otherwise find out, and thought that was it.

(un)fortunately someone apparently told the police and the next thing I can remember is lying in a hospital bed with my family staring at me.

Nothing I said made sense, even to myself. I was convinced someone had stolen my bag and later on I couldn’t get anyone to acknowledge I existed and told my family that I had thrown a jug of water at some people so  they would look at me. I honestly thought I was dead or invisible.

After a semi-conscious argument with a psychiatrist yesterday, it was decided that I had to stay in hospital. The amount of syringe marks, IV lines (including some bizarre thing in my neck) and general crappy feeling was horrible to say the least. I had several nightmares while I was there and it is still hard for me to figure out what actually happened and what I imagined. I’m still kind a bit out of it so forgive me if this doesn’t make sense.

This morning I managed to convince them to discharge me. I thought it was a few days later than when I took the  pills but found out that it’s been a week. I remember nothing before Friday, its very disconcerting and I am unbelievably  guilty.

I can’t think of anything that could express how sorry I am for all the trouble I’ve caused. The people who cared, to anyone I upset, I’m truly sorry. Please don’t think I did that for attention. I never meant to cause a panic. I’ll write again soon, still not feeling fully clear in my mind.


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This might not make much sense, sorry in advance. The last few days I have felt like I am spiralling out of control, one day blurs into the next I forget when it started exactly. I have been seriously considering reckless things that I shouldn’t be (not talking about suicide) and I’ve hit 4 of the symptoms of hypomania. Not that I am suggesting that I am bipolar, I’ve never had this before and yesterday I realised I forgot my meds 2 days in a row which probably didn’t help things.

I haven’t eaten a proper meal since last thursday, I’ve been getting through work on red bull, had to call in sick one day last week because on top of everything i had a splitting headache and terrible cold and I couldn’t take it.

I’m scared about what I might do. I had tried to convince myself to stop looking towards suicide as the answer, but if I wreck up my life even more I might not have any other option.

Last night I told the person I’m closest too about how I am feeling and what crazy things I had been planning to do and I think she should have been disgusted with me and never wanted to speak to me again but instead she just wanted to reassure me that it’s my illness. I don’t know if I can lay the blame of much more at the feet of depression, I have to take responsibility at some point.

What upset me most is that she said that she felt like she has been talking to a person with a terminal illness for the past few weeks 🙁 I hate to think that that is how I am thought of, I don’t deserve any sympathy, everything wrong with me is my own doing and I don’t HAVE to die, it’s all self imposed. I feel guilty as hell.

this is an extract of some things i have written down for my therapist (still got to wait until the 17th to see him)

I am a wreck. I feel like I want to cry but no tears come, there’s nothing there. I’m so sick of being such a worthless excuse for a human and heading down the inevitable path of failure.


I am so starved of affection and I crave it desperately even if it is not real. I long for someone else’s touch. It is so incredibly hard knowing you are disgusting and repellent to everyone and that closeness and intimacy are unattainable. I plan on killing myself soon, I’d rather my inevitable suicide be seen as a tradgedy and maybe a waste of potential than people wonder “what took him so long?”

I honestly don’t know what to do. What can I do? Call crisis? They can’t help, I’m too entrenched for half an hour with a stranger to make everything A-OK. How could I possibly explain everything that is wrong to yet ANOTHER person I don’t know? I don’t know if there is any help available for the chronically suicidal.