Meds Day 2

Felt ok this morning, still a bit werid. Maybe it’s the placebo effect? When I talked to SF yesterday it made me feel a bit apprehensive about taking the meds because she said she wouldn’t want to do it. I read up on them on the net and apparently citalopram is considered one of the safest SSRI because it had the lowest side effects. Glad I wasn’t prescribed seroxat.

I noticed my jaw is feeling funny, possibly because of the meds.

Doctor Visit

Went to the doctors this morning. I let my anxiety build up and didn’t try to stop it. My chest was very tight by the time I got in and I think Dr Ripley knew how bad I was. He said the test I completed last time showed that I had depression and mostly anxiety and he prescribed my citalopram which I have to take for 6 months. I was quite pleased about it, hopefully it will make me feel good enough to try and tackle the SA problem. I got the prescription filled myself after psyching myself up for it. Mum was ok about it, although I still feel like she doesn’t want me taking SSRIs. I took my first one after tea and I felt a bit weird about it. My lack of sleep and the massive anxiety I went through earlier probably had something to do with it but I felt light headed and a bit giddy.