Work work work


Still grinding away at my uni projects, got 1/3 handed in though and just 2 left to finish so hopefully I will be able to write a bit more in the not-to-distant future.

I went out with my flatmates and a few of their friends for one of their birthday on Friday night. We went to a couple of bars which were absolutely packed as I expected, but I think I managed ok. It’s far too loud for normal conversation anyway so it wasn’t too bad. I actually enjoyed myself and the girl whose birthday it was thanked me for coming out with them (she knows I find these things stressful) which was really nice of her.

Things are looking up for now, hope it continues.


2 thoughts on “Work work work

  1. Nick

    i happy to hear that things are going well.

    keep working hard at school as well as with making progress with ur SA. im pleased to hear about the outing with your flatmates


  2. Aw that sounds thoughtful of her. Glad it went well, good luck with all the work! Must be stressful but nice when you have more time to blog at the end 🙂


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