I wish they didn't care


so I could disappear without a trace. I’m tired of feeling guilty around my family. I’m tired of scaring them.


8 thoughts on “I wish they didn't care

  1. Anon

    Well if you’re going to use history in an individual case like with Hitler to suggest parents aren’t good judges of worth, then you better believe I’m going to use it for your defence of society being a fine judge of worth!

    For example, the United States counted black slaves as being only worth 3/5 of a person for much of its early history. Was that an accurate or objective value of “worth”?

    The position of women in society in many nations up until very recently did not place any worth on the rights of women in numerous areas, from property to education, employment to relationships. Was that an accurate or objective value of “worth”?

    The society the Khmer Rouge built in Cambodia proclaimed numerous people and groups to be worthless in their move to create an agrarian utopia, and thus tried to justify the slaughter of millions, suggesting that those “extra” people were useless, and that “To keep you is no benefit, to destroy you is no loss.” Was that an accurate or objective value of “worth”?

    The list could go on and on with examples of societies questionable ability to truly judge worth correctly.

    Now do you have any special evidence or reason to believe that society today in this nation has any particular or outstanding ability to judge “worth” in a totally objective, honest and fair manner?
    I’m afraid we’re nowhere near that enlightened yet.

    Don’t rely on society to give an accurate appraisal of your true worth, for those societal values change as quickly as the tide.

    Also I’d like to point out that your use of Hitler as an example means you fell foul of Godwin’s Law and Dodd’s Corollary, so you invalidated your argument that you’re worthless right there and then I’m afraid. 🙂


  2. Nick

    Maybe it’s not “right” for people to dislike and marginalise those who are criminally boring, repulsive to look at, friendless and socially retarded, but I doubt that’ll change in our lifetime.

    I was only making the point that my mum would never say that I wasn’t worth saving, even if I was truly despicable. Nobody else wants me around, only those who have to like me despite my many flaws.

    I wish I could change what and who I am, but I can’t. I’d rather not be a martyr for the freakishly ugly and sheltered, I don’t think we’ll gather much support any time soon.


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