Change of address


I’m transferring the blog on to my own domain, if you have linked to me could you please change the address to instead.

If anyone uses RSS to follow my blog, can you change the subscription to please

The new site might be down for a bit while I transfer things over.


4 thoughts on “Change of address

  1. What? I’m signed in but I had to type out all my details for this comment! It’s a fackin liberty, if you ask me. 😉

    So why the change? Is someone hosting for you? Doesn’t your own domain cost a lot of money? So many questions! I’m just really curious, I suppose. Oh, well. I’ll link there for sure!

    Suzy x


  2. Ooh I didn’t think about that, sorry :-S

    Domain’s don’t cost too much, £5.98 for 2 years and I decided I’d like to play around with the design of the site a bit more than allows you to do. Also I set up a website for someone with google ads and they made a bit of money from it already so I thought I’d give that a go too 😉 Thanks for linking to me!


  3. Cheryl

    I was in tears reading this site. I bet if I met you in the street I wouldn’t know you as this ‘weirdo’ you have portrayed. In fact, I reckon from having read your incredibly sad online diary, you are one of the most sensitive and caring people god put on this earth.
    I consider myself a freak too. I look goddam awful, I’m a 36yr old woman, ok so I have a fab boyfriend, but when ever he wants to go out, I have to psyche myself up for about a week before hand otherwise I just can’t face it. I have the most disgusting teeth you’ve ever seen, therefore I hardly ever smile and … yup… I am labeled (in my mind anyway) as a miserable bitch. I am a fun loving person trapped in an antisocial appearance. Yes it gets me down. BIG time. I am even in a LOT of pain for days on end because I have severe dental phobia (thought I’d better chip that in there before you start saying ‘well go to the bloody dentist then!’ – if only it were that simple!!!!!!! I tried that and it was AGONY and put me off even more. The pain is what is driving me to suicide, not my appearance, ohhhh the irony!).
    Ooops I’m so sorry, I went slightly off subject there! You see, that’s what I think we all have in common. We’re all self obsessed in some way, whether we admit it or not. Lets just stop and think what we can GIVE to the world. We’re not selfish people. The fact that you have written on this subject is no doubt not solely a cry for help, but also you hope it will help others, or you’ll find like-minded souls. We hear you hun, we hear you loud and clear and hope you’ll stay with us. We’re all here to learn. I learn new things every day. I can completely understand why you are sooooo down on yourself. I have NO friends except my boyfriend, and I am convinced that even his parents hate me coz I am sooooo bad at socialising. I just know that it’s my parents fault for wrapping me in cotton wool from day one. No socialisation when I was younger, no friends over for tea, don’t speak unless you’re spoken to, etc etc. I could go on forever.
    Anyway, believe it or not there’s a point to this 🙂
    I sincerely, with all my heart, hope you can see that being different is not bad. It’s unique. You are you. No one else is. If no one else likes it, TOUGH.
    I am going to get my hair done for the Christmas season and live it up like I have never done before. I don’t feel like I have lived. You live you life as you want to sweetie, if someone is a true friend, they’ll stick by you no matter what. They won’t judge you and put you down. That’s what YOU’RE for LOL.
    I hope in some way my waffling make you smile and feel a little better. It really helps writing about stuff doesn’t it. It’s SOOOO hard to talk face to face about such personal feelings and thoughts.
    All the best to you sweetheart. You are young, but you will learn 🙂


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